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Las imagenes siguientes son propiedad del Cap. Juan Carlos Carrion, y comprenden una serie de unos 300 buques que tocaban puertos Sud Africanos, desde los comienzos del vapor hasta luego de la 1ª Guerra Mundial. Comprenden una magnifica coleccion de imagenes de buques que seguramente serviran para muchos historiadores de ese tiempo y zona. La foto tiene un link a una imagen mas grande, de 750 x 575 pixeles.

 Merchant Ships in South Africa - The following ship photos collection belongs to Capt Juan Carlos Carrion in Argentina, who allowed their publication in Histarmar. They represent about 300 images of steamships that plied South African waters, up to the 1st World War. They cannot be used for commercial purposes, only for non profit educational uses. Each photo has a link to a larger resolution of 750 x 575 pixels. I do not have it larger than this, as the original photos are quite blurry.

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Imagen Nombre Año Compañía Comentarios
S.S. ABERDEEN 1881 Aberdeen Line Pioneer steamer of George Thompson´s Aberdee Line. The first ocean going steamship to be fitted with Triple-expansion engines.
S.S. Adolph Woerman 1922 Deutsch Ost Afrika Line Post-war steamer employe din the DOAL service
S:S: Aeneas 1910 Alfred Holt & Co Pioneer of the Blue Funnel Line passenger service between England and Australia via the Cape.
Afric 1899 White Star Line Torpedoed and sunk, 1917
African (I) 1873 Union Royal Mail Ship  
Agamemnon 1860 Alfred Holt Blue Funnel To the far east via the cape in the 60´s
Agnat 1896 Thesen Coaster which came out of the Cape in 1896 for the Knysna trade.
Alabama 1863 Confederate States The notorious Confederate Raider, in Table Bay, 1863
Alnwick Castle 1917 Union-Castle The first Union-Castle vessel lost during the war. Torpedoed March 1917
RMS American 1880 Union Line Lost through the breaking of the propeller shaft, 1880
RMS Anglian 1873 Union Line  
Anglian II 1894 Union Line After alterations, employed as a coaster from 1886 to 1894
SS Aotea 1895 Shaw, Savill and Albion Stranded at Mouille Point, Capetown 1911
RMS Arab 1879 Union Line  
RMS Armadale Castle 1904 Castle Line Crossing the Durban Bar, homeward bound, on June 30, 1904
HMS Armadale Castle 1916 Castle Line Leaving Capetown with the Cape (coloured) Corps February 9, 1916
RMS Armadale Castle 1903 Union Castle First steamer built to order of the Union-Castle line
Arundel Castle (I) 1895 Castle Line Intermediate steamer
Asiatic 1884 Union Line Ashore near Mossel Bay, April 1884, coaster Florence standing by.
RMS Athenian 1882 Union Line Sister to Moor, with lengthend funnel
Athenian 1882 Canadian Pacific line After acquisition by the Canadian Pacific Line
Athenic 1902 Shaw Savill and Albion (White Star)  
Athens 1865 Union RMS Lost with all hands during the great gale in Table Bay, 1865
Aurania   Cunard A well-known transport of the Boer war period, in Table Bay
Avondale Castle 1897 Castle Line Intermediate steamer, sister to Tintagel Castle, in outward appearance very similar to Arundel Castle (I)
Ayrshire 1903 Shire liner Another unit in the Federal-Houlder-Shire joint service
Balmoral Castle 1915 Castle Line Balmoral Castle in War paint, leaving Capetown with South African troops for Europe, September 26, 1915
Balmoral Castle 1918 Castle Line War-paint in 1918, Baloral Castle in her uniform of "Dazzle"
HMS Balmoral Castle 1910 Castle Line ship which conveyed the Duke and Duchess of Connaught to the Cape for the inauguration of the Union of South Africa in 1910
R.M.S. Balmoral Castle II 1910 Union Castle Sister to Edinburgh Castle (II)
Barrabool 1922 P&O P and O branch liner
Berrima 1911 P & O Branch liner P&O branch Liner Berrima showing Lund´s Blue Anchor funnel
Berwick Castle 1902 Union-Castle "Extra" Steamer, sister to Alnwick Castle, Cawdor Castle and Newark Caste
Bingo Maru   N.Y.K Japan - Cape- South American  service
Birkenhead 1852   The wreck of the Birkenhead, as depicted by a contemporary artist
Bosphorus 1851 General screw Co. The first south african mail steamer, the Gereral screw Vompany´s RMS Bosphorus, arriving at Cape Town January 27, 1851
Braemar Castle 1898 Castle Line Last intermediate steamer built for the Castle Line
Briton II 1861 Union RMS  
Briton III 1897 Union R.M.S. A cape "Flyer" of the nineties